German Lessons

Mondays, 17:30 till 19:00

German conversation with Laila

Guten Tag!
You want to brush up you German?
You are interested in different topics from German Culture, Food, Card Games, literature or just want to be able to do some small talk?
Join me monday evenings. We can talk, discuss, explain the beauty of the German language. The focus is on conversation rather than grammar.
Small group.
Costs: 250 CZK per evening

photo by Johanna Ahlert

Mondays, 19:30 till 21:00

German Business conversation with Laila

Guten Tag!
Sie brauchen Deutsch für den Beruf?
You want to apply for a position working in a German company or for the German market? You need to speak professionally on the phone and write e-mails?
Join me monday evenings. We will train your Business German skills according to your needs.
Small group.
Costs: 300 CZK per evening

Photo by Johanna Ahlert

Private lessons possible. Please contact me on for conditions.

For taking part in the group lessons please also contact me by e-mail.

Address and cancellation policy on page "Home".

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